Virtual Screening Events

Now Booking Virtual Screenings with Anne Peterson.

Virtual Advantage

  • Unlimited National or Global audience
  • No need for theatre, meeting space, or projection
  • Connect geographically separated group members
  • Live virtual guests from anywhere in the world
  • Speak to and interact with an engaged audience
  • Extended length screenings (2-7 Days)
  • Ticket sales handled by Quicklier Film Partners
  • Email list for promotional or fundraising followup
  • More accessible to viewers with physical limitations

We made the decision to offer virtual screenings because frankly, you demanded it! Virtual screenings are organized events where a group of people come together virtually or “online” to view the film. A virtual event could be LIVE, meaning the film streams at a scheduled date and time just like at a theatre, complete with live guests and a discussion after the film. Or it could be a short, 2-7 day window of on demand screening with access to the live zoom discussion at a later date.

We’ve received hundreds of screening requests that have stalled for various reasons. Some of you didn’t have access to a theatre, meeting room or projection system. Others have been worried about costs and scheduling issues.

With the Summer Olympics and America’s Cup racing this summer and fall, we expect to be very busy helping folks set up virtual AND in person screening parties and fundraisers.  There are more details to come as we finalize our packages to make the virtual screenings as flexible and accessible as possible. If you’re interested in learning more send us a screening request and we’ll follow up. 

** If you’re not connected with a club or group and you just want to see the film, email us at [email protected] and we’ll connect you with an upcoming virtual event.