Two ways to support our project: Help distribute the documentary by purchasing merchandise from our store. Or contribute to the ‘Sail-It-Forward’ Fund.

The Buddy and Gloria Melges
‘Sail-It-Forward’ Fund

We hope MELGES: The Wizard of Zenda will be used as a teaching tool at sailing schools, a fundraising tool by yacht clubs, a coaching tool for competition and sportsmanship, and a business tool to instruct entrepreneurs. But we need your help.

While some organizations can afford a license fee to show the film, others cannot. And, many fundraisers will be even more successful if a generous member of the sailing community would be willing to cover the cost of a license. This is where the Buddy and Gloria Melges ‘Sail-It-Forward’ Fund can help. We encourage you to make a contribution to the ‘Sail-It-Forward’  fund. This fund is used to benefit sailing organizations directly and to help us distribute MELGES: The Wizard of Zenda to the largest audience possible.

$100+ Contribution

Receive a Blu-Ray DVD and part of your contribution helps us distribute the film.

$750+ Contribution

Cover the license fee for the sailing organization of your choice and receive a Blu-ray DVD.

$2000+ Contribution

Your name added to the Credits of the film, cover the license fee for a sailing organization of your choice and receive a Blu-ray DVD.

To contribute by check: Make checks payable to Quicklier Film Partners, L3C and mail to W3647 Hartshorne Lane, Lake Geneva, WI 53147