Three Ways to Help

Help us promote sailing and spread Buddy’s message of continuous learning and sharing.

Request a screening event at your local theater, yacht club, or sailing organization.

Sport some ‘Wizard of Zenda’ swag by making a purchase from our store.

Make a contribution to the Sail-It-Forward Fund.

Receive DVD of the film and our heartfelt thanks.
Your name in the credits and a DVD of the film.
Cover the license fee for the sailing organization of your choice, your name in the credits and a DVD of the film.

To contribute by check: Make checks payable to Quicklier Film Partners, 

L3C and mail to W3647 Hartshorne Lane, Lake Geneva, WI 53147

Buddy touched many lives in many ways: Persistence, hard work, competing fairly, winning with humility, sharing what we learn, giving generously, the power of humor, a passion for nature. These are the things you’ve told us you remember about your experiences with Buddy. The Sail-It-Forward Fund was created to give supporters of the documentary and its message the opportunity to do a little more. If you’re visiting this page you might be one of them.

MELGES: The Wizard of Zenda is being used as a teaching tool at sailing schools, a fundraising tool by yacht clubs, and a coaching tool for competition and sportsmanship. The Sail-it-Forward fund is used to benefit sailing organizations directly and to help us distribute the documentary to the largest audience possible.

Thank you to all who have supported our project thus far.

Grand Champion Contributors – $10,000+

  • Ulla Brunk
  • Thomas Freytag
  • Charlie Johnson

Platinum Contributors – $5000+

  • Linda Tonge

Gold Contributors – $1000+

  • Ann & Jim Brost
  • Charles & Linda Sandor
  • Dr. Ross & Peggy Lyon
  • Mick Balesteri
  • Winnie Pritchett

Silver Contributors – $500+

Bronze Contributors – $100+

  • Catherine Hollister
  • Thomas Johnson
  • Julian Fisher
  • Robert Gramss
  • Lisa Blue
  • Alex Vasiliu
  • Pete Liguori
  • Brian Dolan
  • Garret Demarest
  • Larry & Sue Larkin
  • Robert & Rita O’Brien
  • Rob & Suzette Rowe
  • Dr. Susan Clare & Walter Larkin
  • Dr. Inger Gibson
  • George  Zick & Sara Burton Zick
  • Holger & Ellen Vogel
  • Robert Ackerman
  • Jeff Brassel
  • Ralph Grossman
  • David Wilder
  • John Ewald
  • John Hovdal
  • Bob Schroeder
  • Susan Ackerman